1. Who is HobbyXstyle?

Welcome and thank you for visiting HobbyXstyle.com. This brand (HobbyXstyle) was started by guys with a talent for painting. They want to bring fun things to people with unique designs that only they have. Our team has an office in Vietnam, address: 51C Lang Tang Phu Street, Tang Nhon Phu A Ward, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is the office of our design team and marketing team. All final products are printed through partners in the United States. If we deliver a defective item and you want to exchange or return your items, this is the address for exchange & return: Hobbyx Style, 4370 Chicago Drive SW, Unit #707, Grandville, MI 49418.

We know HobbyXstyle is a new brand, so you might want to learn more about us before beginning our long journey together. Feel free to ask us anything you want to know through our Support Center at support@hobbyxstyle.com.

2. What are our products?

Our designs are printed on: Apparel (T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirt, … etc), Accessories (Shoes, Bags, Hats, Underwears, Socks … etc), Home & Living (Mugs, Posters, Canvas, Pillows, Blanket, Ornaments…etc)…v.v

3. How our products are made?

To better understand Hobbyxstyle’s products, we will let you know the production process of our products.

Material & Brand: We use shirts from brands like Gildan, Hans or equivalent. It is 60% polyester and 40% cotton or 50% polyester/ 50% cotton or 100% cotton depending on the type of shirt. We will have a description of the material on each product page.


When customers place an order on the website, we will select the product corresponding to the information that the customer has ordered. The shirt will be put in a queue to be printed. The quality control department will check the product, if the product prints are defective, or wrong design, or wrong style, color, size compared to the order that the customer ordered, we will reprint the product. Print Tech is DTG.

Shipping: When the product has passed the quality control department, the order will be packed and delivered to the customer. We provide, we provide shipping to all countries such as the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore…and other countries.

Our products have been loved by many customers and spread that joy to everyone around. It inspires us to create a new and more awesome design, so we have grown stronger in the past 4 years. We tried to keep our philosophy simple:
1. Quality
2. Great Prices
3. Excellent Customer Service

And we believe these are important things that will help us grow for the longer term.

If you have any questions or Have an idea for a design? please contact us at: support@hobbyxstyle.com